The Pyramidal and Polygonal Constructive Modelling Method in the System of Professional Art Education

Константин Пархоменко Луганска държавна академия за култура и изкуства на името на М. Матусовски, Украйна

Страници: 97-106
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/IFIJ4828


This article considers academic drawing a fundamental discipline that forms the professional qualities of future artists. It reveals and determines the value of a new, modernized method of pyramidal and polygonal constructive modelling, and it proves its significance for increasing the development of constructive-spatial thinking among students. The paper also shows the necessity of studying academic drawing and describes the positive aspects of the method in question. It considers academic drawing a process of cognition and determination of regularities in the surrounding reality. In addition, it analyzes the relationship between academic drawing and plastic anatomy, and determines the global nature of the need for knowledge of plastic anatomy. Furthermore, the text emphasizes the significance of the method as one of the most important ones in the process of professional art education, capable of developing constructive-spatial thinking. It analyzes the scientific developments and teachings of artist teachers and art historians who dealt with the problems of drawing and, in particular, the problems of developing a constructive understanding and of introducing this thinking into the professional art education process. What is more, the paper reveals the essence of the point, line, and subsequently faces as expressive means and techniques that affect the overall design. It proves that the comparison of reference points with geometric shapes helps clarify proportions and convey space. The effectiveness of a method that allows you to consciously and structurally create a form, revealing its capabilities and ‘vital’ truth, is proved. Finally, the article outlines the effective ability of the pyramidal and polygonal constructive modelling method to reveal the character and internal plasticity of the human figure. A conclusion is drawn about the importance of this method in the learning process.

Ключови думи:

teaching method; constructive method; academic drawing; art education; education.


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