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The government of Antigonus II Gonatas in Macedonia was a turning point in its historical development in the era of Hellenism. He was able to lead the country out of the decades-long internal crisis and to recover its international prestige. It reverted back to hegemony in the Balkans and restored its status of one of the most powerful states in the Eastern Mediterranean. This process was not an easy one and lasted nearly four decades in which he actively used his undoubted talent of a statesman and politician, but also managed to win love and respect for Macedonia due to his moderate and responsible government. His moderation and loyalty towards his countrymen was largely the result of the philosophical education he had received in his youth. Antigonus II Gonatas was the true founder of the Antigonid dynasty, not his father or his grandfather. His government was characterized by great success and terrible failures, but in spite of the suffered defeats and setbacks he never gave up the fulfilment of his main goal – the stabilization and consolidation of the Macedonian state, which was his greatest contribution to Macedonia. It was basileus who despite the distrust of his compatriots managed to pull his country out of the permanent crisis and to turn it into one of the leading Hellenistic states. The last twenty years of his rule despite a number of setbacks in the foreign policy were extremely successful in domestic policy. During these years, he was able to stabilize the military-administrative organization of his homeland. His successors received a strong and stable country, which at the end of the 3rd – the beginning of the 2nd c. BC was even perceived by some contemporaries as the most powerful Hellenistic state. This rise of Ancient Macedonia would have been impossible without the consistent and purposeful policy of Antigonus II Gonatas, which led to inner consolidation and might.

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Antigonus II Gonatas, Ancient Macedonia, Hellenism, basileus, philosopher, hegemony.


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