Чудакът: Между първата сълза и последната радост (наблюдения върху разказите на Б. Станкович и Й. Йовков)

Марина Владева


The purpose of the present paper is to expand the spaces for dialogue in two South Slavic literatures – Bulgarian and Serbian – by means of emphasising the typological similarities between two short stories – “First Tear” by Borisav Stankovic and “Last Joy” by Yordan Yovkov. The literary comparison between the two works can be made mainly in view of the characters’ system, and in particular – a comparison between the images of the eccentric, the social outcast – Stankovic’s Dimitar and Yovkov’s Liutskan. Despite that both characters have been created in different decades, the two texts outline the horizons of the difficult ascription of the other, of the differences in a social reality, which speaks the language of hatred, instead of the language of flowers. The two characters’ portraits and psychological characteristics, as well as the suffering as a form of their existential presence make their spiritual comparison most natural.

Ключови думи:

outcast, craving, comparison, rejection.


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