Романът “Временното” на Габриела Адамещяну като още един прочит на миналото

Йоана Славчева


The Novel “The Temporary” written by the Romanian novelist Gabriela Adameshtyanu was published in 2010 as a sequel to her first novel “The Same Road, Day after Day” and is both a political and a social novel focusing on the fate and the social position of the individual in the political context of Communist Romania. It presents a vivid and realistic picture of people’s lives in those years and deals with a number of issues such as the totalitarian regime as an evil that marred the destiny of entire generations, the fear, the strive for survival and personal growth in the context of various restrictions as well as the inevitable notion of “temporariness”, which was ubiquitous in those days.

Ключови думи:

Romanian literature, anti-totalitarian literature, communism.


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