Градската революция като теоретическа перспектива за изследване на българската история

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This paper presents a possibility to study Bulgarian history beyond the official liberal social and scholarly paradigm. It considers the question of whether it is necessary to examine Bulgarian history within the framework of a civilizational approach, which is outside the linear and progressivistic conception of historical development. The term urban revolution was coined by the Russian geopolitician Vadim Tsimburski on the basis of Spengler’s philosophy of history. In this context, it is relevant to construct Bulgarian civilizational historiosophy, which will make an attempt to look upon Bulgarian history as a product of the country’s own making, but, at the same time, intertwined with external models of modernization.

Ключови думи:

urban revolution, philosophy of history, political theology, Bulgarian civilizational historiosophy, modernization, autopoiesis.


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