European Integration–a Constant Issue in the Balkans. The Case of Greece and Its Endless “Fight” with the E.U.

Mihaela Ivanescu


European integration was, is and will continue to be a sensitive issue for most of the candidate states, but also for many of the member states of the European Union (EU). Greece is one of the member states, which has undertaken many challenges during the integration process, but also recently. In this paper, our main hypothesis is that the difficulties that this country has had to exceed in the first years as a member state of the European Community (EC) had a big influence on its later development and on its recent delicate and problematic relations with the EU. Our paper will cover the course of Greece towards the EC and its first years as a member state, in order to analyze the main features of this country’s case, as it was presented in the last few years as possibly the first piece of the “European puzzle” to change the architecture of the European project or to undo the integration process, which has had, until nowadays, no brakes and little failures.


Greece, integration, negotiations, institutional difficulties, tense cooperation


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