Metaphorical Folk Geographical Terms Derived from the Body Part Term ‘Face’ in the Bulgarian and Romanian Languages

Boryana Mihaylova


The folk geographical terms derived from the body part term ‘face’ in the Bulgarian and Romanian languages are examined in this paper: Bulgarian лице ‘face’, ‘southern or south-eastern slope’, ‘place with southern exposure’; Romanian faþã ‘face’, ‘southern slope’, ‘forest on a southern slope’, ‘place exposed to the sun (the moon, the wind, the fire)’, ‘prominent part of an eminence’. In both languages, those metaphorical terms have similar meanings and distribution and express the same conceptual metaphors – THE MOUNTAIN IS A PERSON, THE EMINENCE IS A PERSON, THE EARTH IS A PERSON. Two of the meanings of the Romanian word faþã ‘face’ are considered to be metaphtonymies – ‘forest on a southern slope’ and ‘prominent part of an eminence’.


folk geographical terminology, metaphor, metaphtonymy, body part term, face


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