Bulgarian Surnames on Stems from Balkan Languages

Lyudvig Selimski


The article deals with the origin, word-building structure and primary meaning of 41 surnames formed on the following 12 stems, borrowed from the Turkish and/or Romanian languages: 1) Базаитов isn’t from the CN бабаит ‘husky; swashbuckler’, but from the Turk. FN Bayazýt; 2) Баздаров is from the Rom. bîzdàrã ‘hornet’; 3) Бозакчиев isn’t from бозаджия ‘producer/vendor of boza (millet-drink)’, but from the Turk. bozakçı ‘swine-herd’; 4) Бозаров isn’t from *бозар ‘producer/vendor of boza’, but from the Rom. buzàr ‘cock-chafer’; 5) Бузаджиев is from the Turk. buzağıcı ‘calf-breeder; 6) Бъзъров is from the Rom. bãzãr ‘lamb’s caul’; 7) Гюрмезов isn’t instead of the SN Гюлмезов, but from the Turk. görmez ‘who does not see; blind’; 8) Дългъчев isn’t from the dial. дългъч ‘tall man’, but from the Turk. dalgıç ‘diver’; 9) Илаков (and Улатаров) is from the Turk. ulak ‘messenger’; 10) Kильовски isn’t from the FN *Кильо, but from the Turk. köle ‘slave’; 11) Кьостаров is from the Turk. *köstar ‘drummer’; 12) Сутулов is from the Turk. sütoğul ‘boy given milk by a wet-nurse’ (milk-son)’.


common noun, first name, surname, stem, suffix, wordbuilding structure


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