Characteristic Features of the Early Ottoman Single-Domed Mosques in Bulgaria

Zhulieta Gyuleva


The main characteristic features of the Early Ottoman single-domed mosques are well known. This type of mosque was particularly widespread in the whole of the Anatolian region and the Balkans. A few Early Ottoman single-domed mosques are known from Bulgaria – the mosques in Yambol, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Kyustendil, Karlovo, etc. Among them, Eski Mosque in Yambol and Ahmet Bey Mosque in Kyustendil deserve special attention for their rare layouts. Despite that, the characteristic features that put them in the frame of the Early Ottoman period are not well illustrated. The analysis of their layouts, porticoes, positions of the minaret, building materials, etc. shows that the single-domed mosques from the Early Ottoman era in the Bulgarian lands followed the development of the general planning characteristics and constructional techniques of the period. The creation of rare types like Eski Mosque in Yambol and Ahmet Bey Mosque in Kyustendil, realized only a few decades earlier in North-West Anatolia, shows the connection between Anatolia and the Balkans.


Early Ottoman period, single-domed mosques, Bulgaria


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