Charity Activity and Church in the 30s – 40s of the Twentieth Century in the Tarnovo Diocese (according to Documents from the State Archives – Veliko Tarnovo)

Lora Doncheva


The article is an attempt to reveal the charity activity of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the Tarnovo diocese in the second half of the 1930s and the late 1940s. The chronological limits of the study are determined by the election of Znepolski bishop Sophronius for Metropolitan of Tarnovo in 1935 and the adoption of the Law of Religious Denominations in 1949, that put an end to charity activity of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The article clarifies the relationship between the state and the Church in the sphere of charity activity before and after September 9, 1944.


Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Orthodox Christian brotherhoods, charity activity, state, Fatherland Front regime


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