Key Problems in the Contemporary Social and Economic Development of the Balkan Region

Desislava Poleganova


Current tendencies in the social and economic development of the Balkan countries (a very disputable for delimitation territorial unit of states) have a very specific nature and play important role for fostering economic cooperation between the East and the West (in particular EU and Asia). The social and economic prosperity, as well as political stability of the Balkan region, is also strongly dependent on further strengthening of cooperation in the field of economy, transport infrastructure and trade between the Balkan states. The first problematic paper goal is to delineate the borders of the Balkan region. The territorial scale of the region is strongly dependent on different authors’ and researchers’ point of view. In the paper is accepted that the Balkan region comprises the following countries: Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus and Turkey.


Balkan region, social and economic development, classification


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