Development of the Agricultural Sector of the Republic of Cyprus in the Light of the New Economic Realities

Polya Yordanova


The agricultural sector, despite the declining share in GDP and the number of employees, continues to be a fundamental sector in the Cypriot economy, both in terms of production of basic food products for local consumption and export, as well as industry which provides employment for the rural population. Its share which decreased in the last years of the 20th century fluctuated in the range of 10-12%, the main item is raw material base, securing two thirds of the imports and employing about 1/5 of the workers. It should be noted that a characteristic of the land is fragmentation and dispersion of shares. On the territory of the Republic of Cyprus is the most well-developed wine production, and Cypriot wines are renowned throughout the world, characterized by an unusual freshness and flavor. The most important elements of the policy for agriculture are emerging to improve productivity and competitiveness, quality, structure and do institutional modernization of the industry.


agricultural sector, employees, production, fragmentation, wines, competitiveness, institutional modernization, industry


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