The Balkans

Opportunities for the Development of Cultural Tourism in Stara Zagora

Angel Sherilov


The history of Stara Zagora determines some of the most remarkable features of its identity. Today Stara Zagora is a logical consequence of the intertwining of different historical epochs of the past eight millennia. Every era has created certain tangible and intangible traces, spatial structures and cultural models, source of inspiration and knowledge for today. In recent decades, historical sites and their full expression is recognized as a factor in economic development. A similar idea becomes reasonable storage and modern interpretation of history, an important challenge for the Municipal Development Plan of the Municipality of Stara Zagora. Prehistory left the Bereket mound, representing the largest prehistoric structure in Bulgaria and the Neolithic dwellings, which are a unique source of information about lifestyle before eight millennia. Material historical sites and various cultural patterns were formed in time. It is the understanding that the legacy goes beyond the framework of legally defined cultural values, that is, objects placed under legal protection. Particularly relevant is the theme of the economic significance of the cultural heritage, seen as a prerequisite for the development of the tourism sector and its associated service functions. Attractiveness of cultural values, combined with planned and built adjacent environment, create a tourist product which is high in quality.


history, Stara Zagora, environment, cultural tourism, archaeological monuments


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