National and Regional Identity in Projects, Connected With Cultural Tourism

Petya Sabeva Stela Dermendhzieva


Cultural tourism as an object of cognition presumes interdisciplinarity. Of key importance become the problems of preservation and tourist interpretation of the world and the national natural and cultural heritage, the organization and using of the recreational territories, environmental friendliness of the types and forms of cultural tourism and their sustainable development and planning. An attempt has been made to be substantiated the fact that the projects, connected with cultural tourism, are a combination of purposeful activities (merged around the solving of particular tasks of problematic or unknown character or the fulfillment of particular aim; with real practical character and projection of the end product; require complicated, complex activities, which bring high degree of motivation and give opportunity for development) with strongly expressed integrative character of the scientific and social cognition.


cultural tourism, projects, project education, developing of projects


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