The Balkans as a Space – Didactical Interpretation in School Geography

Lachezar Yordanov Petya Sabeva Stela Dermendhzieva


A major goal of schooling is to provide social experience to the youth. That is why the curriculum is in tight relation to the contemporary man’s needs of personal and social welfare. Welfare can be achieved by teaching virtues and expanding the young person’s worldview. Geography, as a science, has got that moral and ethic power to help the youth in developing social skills. The Balkans is a specific space in cultural and civilizational terms with its particular ethnic, confessional and cultural diversity. All of these characteristics reflect on the syllabus. Geography syllabus determines the goals and the range of knowledge, which students must acquire. The dynamics of science affects the school geography content, and the geography knowledge expands gradually, which is the essential of the so-called ‘spiral’ principle of content construction. The Balkans is part of the Europe-Balkan peninsula-Bulgaria macro frame in the syllabus. Complex analysis of the Balkans as a geographic space in Bulgarian education is the major goal of this survey. Bulgarian didactical literature and geography syllabi are used to completion of the goal.


geographic space, Balkan geographic space, Bulgarian education, analysis of geography content, analysis of syllabi


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