Принципът на комплексно административно обслужване по АПК

Емилия Панайотова


The principle of complex administrative support (CAS) is one of those main principles of the executive activity which are explicitly regulated in the Administrative Procedure Code (APC). This principle does not have its strict analogue in the EU law, and its legal regulation in Bulgarian legislation is linked to the electronic government concept. The analysis conducted in the article leads to a number of conclusions, the most important of which are: CAS is not a separate principle of the executive activity, but rather an application of the classical principle of ex officio and the principle of accessibility, publicity and transparency under the conditions of the information society; e-justice and egovernment are interdependent and related systems, which is why the regulation of all the general matters regarding the exchange of internal electronic administrative services and electronic documents between the systems of executive and judicial power should be within the same Act – the Electronic Governance Act (EGA).

Ключови думи:

complex administrative support, electronic government, electronic governance, electronic administrative services, exchange of electronic documents.


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