Режимът на капитулациите в програмната политика на буржоазните партии в Княжество България (1879–1908 г.)

Димитър Саздов


The aim of the present article is to analyze the ideas promoted into the programmes of the political parties to repudiate the political and economic restrictions imposed on the Principality of Bulgaria under the Berlin Treaty. Although the ideologists and the leaders of the bourgeois parties did not work out in detail specific resolutions to gradually deprive the foreign subjects of their privileges, the programme documents gradually and more and more emphatically propounded the demand to repudiate the political and economic dependence imposed by the Berlin Treaty. With their practical actions the governments, and in particular those of the People’s Liberal Party and of the People’s Party, contributed to the de facto annulment of the capitulation regime, and paved the way for the recognition by Turkey and the Great Powers of the independence of the Bulgarian State, which was declared on 22 September 1908.

Ключови думи:

Berlin Treaty, capitulation regime, political and economic restrictions, programme documents, political parties, recognition of sovereignty


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