Идеи за промени в организацията и управлението на българската полиция през 1919 г.

Николай Проданов


The paper dwells on the project which was outlined in the Headquarters of the army in the spring of 1919 and was meant to improve the organization and functioning of the Bulgarian police forces. The most significant change proposed in the document was the creation of a Bulgarian military police, like the Italian carabinieri. Evidence shows that high-ranking army officials considered the creation of a military organization as part of the police forces three months before the text of the draft peace treaty was handed to the Bulgarian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference. It is concluded that the competent military authorities in Bulgaria realized soon after the First World War that there were going to be drastic changes in the number and mode of recruitment of the Bulgarian army. The idea to form a paramilitary police unit aimed specifically to preserve more effectively the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

Ключови думи:

First World War, Bulgarian police, Bulgarian Army, Staff of the Army


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