Методически инструменти за формиране на ключови компетенции по тема „Електронни таблици“ в училище

Марияна Николова, Детелина Проданова


This paper focuses on the key role of IT training in digital competence. It is about methodological aspects of studying spreadsheets on the topic “Table information processing” in secondary schools, the learning objectives and the specifics of the tasks they provide, the sustainability of the skills and the necessary competencies for their application in solving different problems. The results of a large-scale study involving 232 high school students and 94 university students have been presented, which show the durability of students’ knowledge and skills in solving problems and tasks with the help of spreadsheets in different spheres of public life. The aim of the authors is to show and analyze the results of the research.

Ключови думи:

information technology, spreadsheets, table data processing, digital competences.


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