Съвременният урок по математика в 6 клас върху идеите на ТРИЗ педагогиката

Цветелина Мирославова


Modern society requires new demands on the personality: knowledge of key competencies, communicativeness, purposefulness, creativity, critical thinking, and autonomy in guidance of the information flow. The problem, addressed in the report, is the need to change the goals and the content of education, the innovation of educational resources, and educational technologies aimed at heuristic learning, constructive learning and learning through research (The Theory of Solving Inventory Problems – TSIP, Montessori Pedagogy, Jump Math and others). This change also affects mathematics lesson as a basic form of education. The pedagogical ideas of the TSIP are systematized in the article. A model of a modern mathematics lesson for the 6th grade, based on the TSIP pedagogy, was developed, and it is aimed at developing the universal learning activities of the students.

Ключови думи:

TSIP pedagogy; a modern lesson; universal learning activities; education; mathematics; 6th grade.


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