Адресантът в „Проповеди за неделния ден и за празниците през цялата година” на Пьотър Скарга

Данута Гжешяк-Витек.

Страници: 64-73


The article by Danuta Grzesiak-Witek presents the sender of „Sermons for Sunday and Saint Days throughout the Year” by Piotr Skarga. The material basis of this paper constitutes the issue from 1938: “Sunday Sermons from the First Sunday of Advent to Festive Tuesday (Part One)” and “Sunday sermons from Trinity to last Sunday after Whitsuntide (Part Two)” as well as “Ceremonial Sermons throughout the Year (Part Three)”. The sender appears on the pages of the work as a person having an impeccable character as well as moral and ethical nature. The sender shapes the moral profile in order to initiate the dialog with the listeners who are open to the words of the preaching sender worthy of their respect and trust. The article also turns our attention to other personal values of the sender – speaker’s emotional culture, and also to the importance of his versatile knowledge and education. The sender poses as the knower of the Bible. The preacher prevails over the listeners due to his knowledge of the subject matter and this makes the believers eager to participate in the dialogue. The sender’s statements are characterized by the suggestiveness of transmission. In the analyzed texts of sermons one can see the presence of the main Sender – God, whose messenger is the preacher.

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