Societas Classica

Symbiosis of The Ancient Cultures of The Levant

Diana Petkova

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Millenniums before Christ from cults through goddesses to the most systematized archive for cuneiform writing, documents classified and put in order like a contemporary library. Respect and protection of knowledge. Combining the riches of ancient nations. What do the elderly Christians teach us from “the cradle of civilization”. Among our customs there are traditions we need to retain. When we come to know each other’s cultures we get closer. To understand the temper, customs, to respect religion, to come to know the people. Human love is respect for each other and tolerance for other people. Otherwise you become like a flower without its roots, the inlay can’t be assembled, each piece has its own place, role and meaning and the absence of even one of them ruins the harmony. In the world we hear about the Arabic expansion while erudite and the people of Levant (Baled Sham) emphatically declare that there is Arabian invasion. When the Arabians came they did not have any knowledge or culture, but they had respect and dignity. While meeting a nation with an ancient culture, language, traditions and knowledge, Arabians are interested in the knowledge, ability and cultural treasure so they treat them with respect. It is written so in the books and they bring so their children up. Aramaic translations preserve and pass on achievements from the ancient Greek erudite. Umayyad and Abbasid ages are a trampoline in the development of science, as the knowledge is spread by paper.



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