Превод на испанска литература през българското възраждане – „Иванъ Воинъ-тъ“, един неизследван досега източник

Стефка Кожухарова


The formerly unstudied 1860 source as published in the periodicals is examined in the context of the translated literature during the Bulgarian National Revival and, more specifically, in the context of the other two translations whose starting point was Spanish literature, within the theoretic framework of the polysystem – the concept of translation from the point of view of the target culture and the concept of ‘supposed translation’. Both the origin and the plot of this source are presented through a perspective of what is a folklore fairy-tale, along with some particularities prompting its foreign derivation. Some issues are focused relative to Bulgarisation and its specific manifestations in the works with Spanish origin during the Bulgarian National Revival.

Ключови думи:

Възраждане, превод, приказка, побългаряване.


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