Ролята на социалните задачи и технологиите за подобряване на умението за писмена комуникация на чужд език

Кръстанка Божинова


This paper presents the results of implementing a plurilingual approach based on information and communication technologies for the development of writing abilities in a foreign language. The study examines what tasks are suitable for the improvement of written communication skills in the target language and what technological tools foster their completion in a university context. The data analyzed are based on an empirical study conducted with groups of students learning French as a third language in 2014 and 2015. The study results show a trend towards an awareness of intercultural differences in communication with French-speaking partners, as well as development of strategies for writing correct and complex texts. The use of freely accessible online technological tools plays an important role for these results.

Ключови думи:

писмено изразяване, трети език, интеркултурна компетентност, учене чрез задачи, информационни и комуникационни технологии.


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