Мултипликационната същност на методиката, приложена във „Великотърновският език“

Катя Исса


Theoretical formulations on major issues of sociolinguistic studies offer methodology for the fieldwork for the study of the contemporary urban linguistic situation in Bulgaria. One of the first works of this kind is The Language of Veliko Tarnovo by M. Videnov and B. Baychev. Written a quarter of a century ago, this work became the starting point for all subsequent sociolinguistic studies on the topic. The report proposes a study on the model of the same methodology of the idiolects of our compatriots in the countries with compact Bulgarian Diaspora. The aim is to track damages to the native language of Bulgarian emigrants worldwide. Depending on the seriousness of deformation, appropriate methodology for teaching Bulgarian language for Bulgarians living abroad will be developed and presented to the Bulgarian linguistic community.

Ключови думи:

научноизследователска методика; теренни проучвания зад граница; непринудена реч на българската емиграция


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