Развиване на стратегии за слушане на лекции на втори език в академичния дискурс

Силвия Великова


This article discusses an approach to course design that can be implemented in the instructional practices focusing on learners’ academic literacies in a second language (L2). To this end, the paper proposes a six-phase framework for facilitating university students’ ability to comprehend L2 lectures. The main premise of the presented pedagogical sequence is that a systematic guidance in the use of cognitive and metacognitive strategies can enhance learners’ skills in L2 lecture comprehension. Therefore, each phase of the cycle consists of activities addressing selected strategies from the two categories.

Ключови думи:

слушане на лекции на втори език, стратегийно ориентирано обучение езикът на академичното общуване


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