Анализ вербальных ассоциаций наречий близко и ближе в русском и близу и ближе в сербском языках

Саня Коларевич


In this paper we analyse reactions to the stimuli близко and ближе in the Russian language and близу и ближе in the Serbian language. The corpus for this research is drawn from associative dictionaries of the Russian and Serbian languages: Русский ассоциативный словарь and Асоцијативни речник српског језика. The main object of this paper is the analysis of reactions to the words близко, ближе, близу, ближе. We discuss the semantic and syntactic forms of these reactions. We also analyse these reactions from a morphological, syntactic and cultural point of view. Furthermore, in this paper we analyse contrastively the differences and similarities. On the other hand, the grammatical aspect is also considered in both languages. In conclusion, we describe the reactions from a cultural aspect

Ключови думи:

ассоциации, вербальные ассоциации, наречия, близкий, ближе, русский язык, сербский язык.


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