Акцентуация суффиксов имен III склонения в древнегреческом языке (на материале суффиксов -ЙД-, -ЙФ-, -ЙИ-)

Алла Линко


The article examines research in the field of ancient Greek accentology and, in particular, the problem of accent in the nominal word-formation of Ancient Greek. The author investigates this problem using material about some productive suffixes of the 3rd declination. The object of analysis are the names of the 3rd declination of a movable paradigm with the suffixes – éä-, -éè-, -éô-, including the complex words with these suffixes.

Ключови думи:

история древнегреческого языка, акцентология, суффиксация, семантика, акцентогенные морфемы.


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