Фразеологични единици с компонент око“. Българско-полски паралели

Гиноева Овчарова


The object of this report is idioms that are part of the Bulgarian and Polish phraseological stocks which contain the eye component. The most numerous phrasemes analysed here have a meaning related to human behaviour towards the surroundings. Eyes are the most important organ through which people perceive the world and liaise with it. Looking at one’s eyes we can recognise reactions, attitudes, even feelings and spiritual states. Our eyes can clearly convey different emotions like happiness, sadness, love, hate and envy. The objective of this report is to indicate representatives of the Bulgarian and Polish school of phraseology and to distinguish their views; to identify the origin of phrasemes from the Bulgarian and Polish phraseological stocks containing the eye component and their semantic and structural similarities. And finally, to determine the reasons for the similarities and differences in these phrasemes.

Ключови думи:

фразеологични единици, българско-полски паралели.


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