Евгения Марс и Ана Карима – отново за писателките и канона

Кичка Кусева-Персенска


The text analyses the work of the writers Evgenia Mars and Ana Karima against the background of the already established Bulgarian literary canon in order to discuss the reasons why the two writers remain unnoticed today and their writing cannot claim a place “next to” or “among” the actually valuable works of Bulgarian national literary fiction. The parallel review of these two female writers is justified by the fact that they appear synchronously in the literary space and each of them has her role in the breaking of the status quo in Bulgarian publicity back then. Analysing their strategies for participation in the literary developments at the time, we can characterise two “female models” for integration in the community of writers – the one connected with Evgenia Mars, shows intentional following and execution of the recommendations of the famous master author (Ivan Vazov), and the other road, the example of Ana Karima, implies imitation and simultaneously confrontation with established authors like Pencho Slaveykov and Petko Todorov.

Ключови думи:

жени писателки, женско творчество, литературен канон.


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