Писатели – президенти: Вацлав Хавел и Блага Димитрова

Вероника Шведек


Politician and writer – certainly these two professions could be combined. This is proved by Vaclav Havel and Blaga Dimitrova – important names with valuable historical presence in the field of literature and poetry. Their socio-political activity has played great importance on the development of early democratic processes in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Walking the road from the typewriter to the presidential chair, the two famous writers take a worthy place both in their home countries and worldwide. Their works still evoke reflections. Their paths are similar, but also different. Blaga Dimitrova quickly returned to the writing desk and the magic of the pencil while Havel stayed in politics for a long time, yet remains a playwright and writer of renown.

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Вацлав Хавел, Блага Димитрова, поезия, президенти.


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