Между поезията, песента и вярата – за християнските елементи в песните на акустичната група „Точка БГ“

Дорота Трела


The aim of the article is to present a type of music not so popular in Bulgaria, called “sung poetry”, created by independent singer-songwriters. In particular, it focuses on the songs of the Tochka BG acoustic music band. The band has gained some popularity and is now one of the best-known bands that are representative of the “sung poetry” genre, combining poetical text (every text can be interpreted as a separate poem, without its musical background) with peaceful music. Some of their songs are very strongly based on Biblical texts, or on Christian mentality. This article analyses examples of such songs focusing on both the text and its meaning.

Ключови думи:

музика; поезия; християнство.


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