Симбиозата между пиар и журналистика – гледната точка на практиците

Десислава Андреева Фани Маздрашка-Михова


The report presents the results of a survey among PR specialists about the mechanisms of working with journalists, the satisfaction level and communication effects of synergy between the two areas. Respondents are PR officers from municipal and state authorities, judicial and law enforcement systems, educational institutions, political parties and businesses situated or developing their activities in the region of Veliko Tarnovo. One main part of survey questions are focused on frequency, mechanisms and PR practices of communicating and working with journalists. Another major set of questions is searching for assessments of effectiveness of the relationship between the two communication spheres and perceptions of their professional commitments and work principles. The survey is part of a broader scientific and practical research on manifestations and consequences of the interpenetration of the two communication fields.

Ключови думи:

медии, пиар,журналистически стандарти, анкета.


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