Социално-психологически детерминанти на синдрома “BURNOUT” при учителите

Галина Фесун Татяна Канивец


At the present stage of the development of society the problem of the syndrome of emotional burnout of teachers is particularly relevant, since the stress is manifested especially in pedagogical activities, due to its saturation with such stressors as: responsibility for the development of the younger generation, active interpersonal interaction, increased emotional tension, inadequate social assessment, etc. One of the worst consequences of longterm professional stress is the “burnout” syndrome. This raises the need to consider hidden mechanisms of professional activity that can lead to the fact that professionals cease to cope with their responsibilities, lose their creative mood over the subject and product of their work.

Ключови думи:

stress, stress stages, stress syndromes, emotional burnout, professional burnout.


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