Изследване динамиката на пулсовата честота при субмаксимални натоварвания в тениса

Димитър Димов


Although, the pulse rate is the most commonly used method as an indicator of functional pressure and pressure level, its overall tracking (throughout the physical experience) has been facilitated in recent years by the introduction of new technologies. It is they that give us the ability to trace this indicator at any moment of an exercise or from a concrete moment in the match, even in real time. For the purpose of our study, we tracked the pulse rate frequency dynamics in control games. From the data obtained, we chose three exercises that have a higher pressure level but are close to the tension of a real game conditions. These exercises have their constructive functional effect. Under these conditions we wanted to track what is the pulse rate frequency dynamics, what is the average pulse, and the maximum, we have also taken into account the break intervals during the games.

Ключови думи:

tennis, heart rate, training srtess.


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