Проучване на мнението на спортуващите „Баскетбол 3х3“

Данаил Киров


The study is aimed at providing assessments and guidelines for specific management strategies and actions to promote the sport 3 on 3 basketball and to improve the marketing campaigns for each 3x3 event. To optimize the process of their planning, organization and conduct. The subject of research is the social norms and the factors influencing the development and management of sports 3 x 3 as a public domain. Since 2007, over 150 streetball / basketball tournaments have been organized in Bulgaria. In 2011, FIBA create a platform for registration for each individual tournament, www.3x3planet.com, which in 2017 was updated to www.play.fiba3x3.com. All 3x3 basketball organizers use the FIBA platform where they register each tournament and all participants collect world ranking points.

Ключови думи:

3x3 basketball; development; sport management; 3x3 tournaments; fiba3x3.


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