Анкетно проучване интересите на студентите към баскетболната игра

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Using the questionnaire method, a survey was conducted on the opinion of the students from the “D. A. Tsenov “participating in the basketball classes on: their attitude to the game; their assessment of the classes and the role of the lecturer at the higher school; about the state of the material and technical base; and their views on the control criteria. The aim of the study is an opportunity to build a holistic view of the popularity and development of basketball game among high school students. Several statistical methods were used to process the survey results: graphical and tabular methods and methods for weak scale dependency analysis based on a square criterion. Based on the study, basketball has been proven to be an important place in the physical education system, not only as a discipline in the high school, but also as a type of sport practiced by students, and in extra time in the form of basketball 3х3.

Ключови думи:

basketball, survey, satisfaction.


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