Изследване на спортната подготовка при 13–14-годишни бадминтонисти

Васил Василев Мирослава Петкова


Badminton is one of the sports that puts the physical and mental body to a greater extent on those who practice it. It features a wealth of diverse movements. This leads to the need for an early start of the training process and the development of an appropriate training program for mastering and improving the technique of the main elements of the game by young athletes (Ilchev 2011). By mastering tactical skills and habits, this sport assists the harmonious development of the body, the formation of a proper body posture and the improvement of general health. Practitioners also build moral, aesthetic, and psychic qualities such as consciousness, teamwork, motivation, concentration, emotional control and self-control. The game at any moment requires a creative solution to any new situation (Petkova 2013). Therefore, the development and improvement of physical qualities and mental processes are an extremely important part of the training process in adolescent beggining (Petkova 2015, Yaneva 2008).

Ключови думи:

badminton, physical ability, psychic qualities, specific preparedness.


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