Двигателна активност и интерес към спорта на 11–12-годишни ученици

Димитър Димитров Стефания Беломъжева-Димитрова


An important condition for the proper development and strengthening of human health is the satisfaction of body’s needs of movements. Movements impact the ability of the body to resist against adverse effects of the environment. Sports activities strengthen the body by improving the functions of the various organs and systems that respond to the increased ability of all motor activities. Data from numerous studies indicate increasing frequency of immobility among children and young people, which is a disturbing fact. This provokes our interest to explore the problem of motor activity and the interest in sport of 11–12-year-old Bulgarian pupils. The purpose of the study is to research the motor activity habits of 11–12-year-old Bulgarian pupils and their interest in sports activities.

Ключови думи:

motor activity, interest in sport, immobility.


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