Теоретико-практически основи на професионално-практическата подготовка на магистрите

Инна Перепелюк Мария Олийник Наталия Мачинска


The article contains a theoretical analysis of the study of the preparation of a student. Magistracy is the first stage of future teachers’ vocational and pedagogical training of higher education institutions. The magistracy study is considered a prerequisite for professional formation and future teacher development, since the main goal is to develop teaching readiness. The process of becoming a future education specialist at the master’s level requires the management system to adhere to strategic directions, the use of modern means, methods and training models.

Ключови думи:

magistracy future preschool teachers training, theeoretical and methodological basis, stages of didactic training, pedagogical conceptions, models of future teachers’ training.


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