The Role of Art on the Intellectual Development of Preschool Children

Elitsa Aleksandrova


The theme is aimed at exploring the role of art and his own pictorial activity of preschool children for their intellectual upbringing and development of their creative abilities. The development is the result of long personal experience and observations. It can not claim complete coverage and solve all scientific and practical questions about the role of creative activities for the development of intellectual and cognitive capabilities in preschool. The object of the study is not the man at all, but a group of preschool children observed in their natural environment and cognitive conditions of experiment. This implies the organization of the study and analysis of its results in terms of the cognitive development of the child. Based on the study of literature and theoretical analysis identifies three logical entities, integrated about the nature of children’s creativity: art and children’s creativity; their relationship with intellectual development; the importance of pre-school teacher for their modeling / integrity / and the formation of the child’s personality.


art, children’s creativity, intellectual development, preschool integration, modeling and shaping the personality of the child


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