Отпадане на наказуемостта на активния подкуп по чл. 306 от Наказателния кодекс

Екатерина Салкова Янко Ройчев


The article analyses the prerequisites for elimination of the punishability of active bribery under Art. 306 of the Criminal Code: the perpetrator to have been extorted by an official, an arbitrator or an expert to offer, promise or give a bribe, and the perpetrator to have notified the authorities immediately and voluntarily. The historical development of the provision and its essence, aims and characteristic features have been studied. The statement has been supported that the current version of the rule requiring cumulative presence of all prerequisites, corresponds to the fullest extent to its purpose, to state interests in the field of criminal repression, and to practical procedural activity in bribery criminal cases.

Ключови думи:

active and passive bribery, Criminal Code, corruption crimes, unpunishability, notifying the authorities about a crime.


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