Новите разкопки на крепостта Трапезица 2007 – 2015 г. (Резултати, проблеми и перспективи)

Константин Тотев БАН, България

Страници: 286-295


The most new archeological studies of Trapezitsa hill anticipate the pace of the implemented conservationrestoration activities, which means, that it is necessary to slow them down, until the excavations are not strengthened and preserved properly. The last however is not done, because from the other hand, there is a hurry to socialize the fortress in order to seek a commercial effect from the tourist flow. So all new results and materials related to the study of the fortress in the recent excavations are placed under the threat to be destroyed by the time and carelessness of the state or municipal institutions. It becomes increasingly difficult to determine the place of the archaeologists and the conduct of the long-term scientific program of the Affiliate of the National Archaeological Historical Institute with a Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who manages and implements the studies of the fortress. In addition to the publication of the results from the surveys in specialized sequences, which already were issued as books, articles, studios and scientific messages, it is necessary to grant the excavated architectural structures for design of protective buildings and conservation work. For the historical-archaeological reserve Trapezitsa. Before everything, it is mandatory to create a clear concept for supplementary investigation, exposure, conservation and restoration of that, what has already been excavated, regardless of whether this was in the beginning of the last century, or in the course of the latest excavations. Only then one can seriously think about the socialization and opening of the object for the citizens and guests of the town.

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excavations, fortress, Trapezitsa, Second Bulgarian Empire, historical-archaeological reserve.


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