Няколко гръкоезични документа, свързани със стопанската дейност на основоположника на възрожденския род Русович от Арбанаси Руси Николау

Веселин Горанчев


The current publication presents the segmented texts, the translations into Bulgarian, as well as a brief comment of three Greek-speaking documents from the archives of the Rusovich family from Arbanassi. The originals of the documents are kept in Fund 963K – “Brothers Rusovich” Trade House – Arbanassi village in the State Archive – Veliko Tarnovo. They provide information about the life and activities of the founder of the family – Rusi Nikolau, as well as about the fulfilled practices in the use of financial instruments and the solution of financial-economic arguments at the beginning of the 19th century.

Ключови думи:

Bulgarian Renaissance, Arbanassi, Rusovich, Rusi Nikolau, economic activities, Greek-speaking documents.


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