Планировка и архитектурен облик на canabae legionum по Рейнския и Дунавския лимес през I–III в.

Ева Димитрова


Canabae legionum are civil settlements which appears around legionary camps. They are part of territorium legionis. Researches of some of these settlements on Rhine and Danubian limes give an opportunity their plannning and architecture to be described. To gain our purpose we chose these criteria: topography and area; street network, plumbing water mains and sewerage; public and religious buildings; craft workshops; residential buildings. Discoveries in canabae legionum on Rhine-Danubian limes give a good point of view for planning and architecture of these settlements. There were built residential buildigns, public and religious buildings. There were developed craft’s working for needs of legionaries and civilian. Future excavations will clarify architecture of these civil settlements.

Ключови думи:

architecture, canabae, Rhine limes, Danubian limes, buildings, workshops.


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