Археологически данни за българо-византийските отношения през Ранното средновековие от територията на днешна Южна България (VII – третата четвърт на X в.)

Борис Борисов


The study is dedicated to the archaeological data concerning the relations between the Bulgarian state and the Byzantine Empire during the early medieval period – from the VII century to the third quarter of the X century – of the territory of today’s Southern Bulgaria. The finds of several single graves from the vicinity of the town of Nova Zagora and the villages Gledachevo and Zlatary were analyzed. The relations between the First Bulgarian Kingdome and the Byzantine Empire were examined on the grounds of the archaeological data, accumulated during the excavations of the fortresses of Debelt, Markeli near Karnobat, the Hisarlak in Sliven, Constantia near today’s Simeonovgrad, Sredets, Pernik, Castra Rubra near Izvorovo, Harmanli region, the fortresses near the villages of Polski Gradets and Glavan, as well as the data of the medieval villages near Radnevo – CRB, Znamenosets and Gledachevo II, near the villages of Sadievo and Karanovo in Nova Zagora region, above the Roman road station Carasura near Chirpan, and the archaeological studies in the Rodopes and Strandja mountains. In conclusion it was pointed out that during the early medieval period the lands of today’s Southern Bulgaria were permanently occupied by the Bulgarian people, i.e. they were rendered Bulgarian.

Ключови думи:

Bulgarian-Byzantine relations, fortresses, medieval villages.


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