Етнотопоними, свързани с българите Кучи/ Кучани/Кочани

Маргарита Николова

Страници: 256-271
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/QXEX8937


V. B. Hening identified the names Kuchs and Tochars with the names of the ancient people Guts/Kuts and Tukrish who lived in III–II millennium BC in the territories of nowadays West Iran (mentioned in cuneiform texts from III–II millennium BC). Lately the prototochars migrated from this territory to regions in Central Asia (he river basin of Tarim, today’s/present Xinjiang in Northwest China). T. V. Gamkrelidze and V. V. Ivanov developed the thesis of V. B. Hening. they adduced new arguments that support the identification of the ancient Kuts with Kuches. The ethnonym Kuts is connected to the late denotement of Tochars in their own tocharic‘ texts from VI–VIII century as the selfname Kuchs. The texts are written in two tocharic dialects – east tocharic toch. A and west tocharic - kuchic/kochanic toch. B. The toch. A dialect was already “dead” holly language while the kuchic toch. B was speaking language. The Chinese named them Yuezhes and Yueshes. After the defeat of the Tochars from the Chinese in 174 year BC part of them migrated to the west part of Middle Asia. The name Tocharistan and the presence of the tocharic language in the territory of Baktria is connected to them. Probably related to the Kuches/Kuchans are Kushans (five tribes leaded by the tribe kushans, who occupied the territory beyond Tien-Shan /named Yuezhi by the Chinese). In II century B.C. they moved to Bactria in Middle Asia after their defeat with the huns. Their language is unknown. The huns carried away parts of these related nations and Bulgarians in their crusade to the west of Europe. Their first attacks and settlements on the Balkan peninsula are at the end of IV–V century and their increase is during VI– VII century when slavs also settled there. The scientists established very common phonetic, morphologic and lexical similarities between the languages of the tochars and the slavs. This predetermines the rapprochement of these nations, who took part in the creation of the Bulgarian Middle-aged country. This also is related to the formation of the dialects of the protobulgarian language. The numerous ethnotoponims, remained by the nation Kuchs/Kuchans/Kochans, just like the protobulgarian iran-language and archaic slav-language toponims in present-day /and out today/ Bulgarian territories documented this process.

Ключови думи:

ethnotoponyms, Bulgarians, tribes, Iran, China, Mesopotamia, Macedonia


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