Разпятието на Христос и пътят на човека през историята

Велислава Донева

Страници: 83-96


The present topic draws on my research interest in the issue about the dialogue between the Bible script and the Bulgarian drama from the beginning of the 20 th century. The play scripts from that period waver conspicuously between the rhetoric of tradition and modernity. Ivan Grozev’s dramas illustrate the mystical religious cognitive model of conceptualizing the world, as well as some specific approaches to that genre. Thus, they play an active role in establishing drama as a genre. Through his play “Judgment Day” the author provides and aesthetic analogy between the atrocities of war and the crucifixion of Christ. A broad set of specific situations, expressed by direct borrowing from the Bible script, is built in the macro frame of the play. In numerous passages of the play whole biblical situations, parables with conspicuous allusion and references to the European reality from World War II have been included. This calls for literal comparison of texts while analyzing the different scenes and makes quotes an imperative proof for each specific claim. The approach to the biblical theme in the plays of Grozev is related above all to the apocryphal interpretation of texts from the gospels, but the development of the theme about the contemporary man and the war rests mainly on the author’s efforts to overcome the retelling and quotes from the biblical and apocryphal myths and to create his own literary suggestions and summaries of the topic.

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