Научно съобщение: За един вид синтактични съчетания с предлога с в съвременния български език

Теодора Куртева


The paper presents a semantic analysis of one type combination of words with preposition s ‘with’. It aims to reveal the meaning carried by Bulgarian preposition and the dependence between preposition s and the nouns, with which it is connected. We show that for these prepositional-and-nominal word groups is important to the same degree the character of their structural and syntactic meaning, the model of prepositional combination and its lexical filling. We also deal with the conception for the preposition as a syntactic charged word. The final result is a shared lexical meaning. The semantic field of preposition s includes the meanings of capacity, of typical feature and of belonging. The preposition is a connector between the main component (predominantly nouns or part of sentence in the role of substantive) and the subordinate word.

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