Старинна домашна лексика от западнорупски говор, регистрирана в Търлиското евангелие

Тенчо Дерекювлиев


The article presents ancient words of domestic origin, registered in the Tarliiski gospel (a New Bulgarian language document from 1861). The gospel was written in a dialect form, but in a Greek script. Together with a few more gospels, also written in a dialect form (Konikovski, Koulakiiski, Boboshinski gospels), the Tarliiski gospel forms a group of texts belonging to a single genre. Their basic function is to present the gospel story as closely as possible to the people’s perception. The texts do not take part in the integration processes marking the formation of the New Bulgarian literary language but their significance for the historical dialectology is great because they reflect with chronological accuracy the state of a particular speech variant, thus making it possible to establish the trends of development in it. The presented ancient words of domestic origin signal the continuity of lexical system of the Bulgarian language. Most of the words are archetypes of Old (Ancient/ Bulgarian where they belong as primary lexis, which in its own turn is a sign of the uniqueness and specifics of our language.

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